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thank you wonderful game :):):)

The Linux version is actually for Windows.


Does the update bring relevant things?

I wonder why if this is so, to play the game again (Sorry for the bad english)

Yeah, it does. You can now open doors again, ending and AI has changed, i added a better flashlight and i added settings, also i changed the textures.

Ok, to prove it

Is it just me or is the maze bigger?

It's not bigger, but more complicated. But thanks to you i found a bug. Also did you notice i changed the textures of the second level?


Happy to have helped find a bug. I did think something was different, just wasn't sure.

Game is correctly broken.  Just a room with two doors in it. 

Yeah, you're supposed to be able to open the doors but for some reason you can't. I am currently working on fixing it.

Hi! Can you replay my game? I updated it.


Great game especially for being done in 3 weeks. You really got your textures down, obv enemy can use work but hey 3 weeks and you got this piece of gold keep it up. Added it to my three free horror games video in spot 2

Welcome back to Three Free Horror Games On PC the series where I test out new indie horror games and give them a rating. Todays games go more on the comedy side of horror with games designed in 3 weeks or less for game Jam come check them out and see what the indie community has in store for us

Hey! Thank you so much for playing my game. That you found the game funny instead of scary, i get that. I broke out laughing when i saw the hand through the wall. But, I am now working on updating the game. Which fixes alot of bugs. And also make the monster animated and stuff


let me know when its updated and I will give it another run. i really enjoyed it I took comedy from it I think due to playing around 30 other horror games that day and my mind broke lmfao

I will tell you when i updated the game.

Hi! Can you replay my game? I updated it.


sure can


I can't interact

Yeah, i had a friend try my game and he had the same thing. It has something to do with fps.

Hi! Can you replay my game? I updated it.


Ok,updating it



Thanks for playing my game!